Lisa's Brother (andrew6) wrote in valhalla_sector,
Lisa's Brother

Jeremiah: The LOST Empire

I've received word that JEREMIAH: THE LAST EMPIRE is officially, finally 100% dead.

I'm not sure of how this all works, but I gather MGM has asked Platinum Studios to stop production on the graphic novel and remove the segment online at, and legally, Platinum has to comply. (That said, I just checked and 14 story pages plus a cover appear to remain posted, for the moment.)

I haven't yet asked whether I'll be allowed to post the script for the book so people could at least see what was planned; given the situation at Drunk Duck, I don't hold out a lot of hope of being allowed to do that. Which is a shame, because it was several months of my life spent writing something I'm very proud of.

I seriously believe any project comparable to THE LAST EMPIRE would've been declared officially dead a long time ago. Letters and e-mails of support from Jeremiah fans did not go unnoticed by Platinum, but it is simply out of Platinum's hands, now.

I want to extend a personal thanks to the Jeremiah fans who kept in touch with me over the last couple years and continued to support the project up until...well, now. I still get an e-mail or two a week asking after EMPIRE.

It's almost too saccharine to say out loud (or type out loud) (is it possible to type out loud?) (you know what I mean), but you guys and your love of the world created by Hermann Huppen and JMS are an inspiration to me, and that's something I've taken well beyond my experiences on THE LAST EMPIRE.

OK, if I keep blathering I'm going to go completely off the emotional rails, so I'll just say thanks again, and leave it at that.

Andrew Foley
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