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Fic: Distorted Reflections

Title: Distorted Reflections
Authors: lizardbeth_j and LoriWright
Rating: R (violence, language)
Category: Gen Adventure Novel, AU, Crossover
Characters: Season 7 SG-1, including Jack, alternate versions of other SG-verse characters, and all the characters of Jeremiah.

No pairings (well, okay, Markus/Meaghan, but that's about as gen a pairing as you can get)

This is a crossover between Stargate SG-1 and Jeremiah, and takes place almost entirely within the Jeremiah-verse.

While preparing for the meeting in St. Louis, Thunder Mountain is rocked to its foundations as a decorative stone ring in the cafeteria wakes up and four strange old people fall from it. They claim they're not from Valhalla Sector, and they've never heard of the Big Death. Where do they come from? Are they allies or enemies? And how long before Valhalla Sector hears about this mysterious new technology and moves up its plan of conquest?

This novel is complete and edited. I've begun by posting the first four chapters to its community, distortd_ref, and I'll post at least two chapters each Wednesday until it's done. To keep spamming to a minimum, I won't post notices of updates here. Please watch distortd_ref if you'd like updates.

Start here with Notes and Acknowledgments

This has been a labor of love for us, for quite a long time. So please come and check it out!
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