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valhalla_sector's Journal

For Fans of Showtime's Jeremiah
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This is the first (and probably will be the only) LJ community for Showtime's new hit tv series Jeremiah!

... Ok, enough with the enthusiastic introduction. If you haven't seen the show, then here's the plot: In the future the world is hit by a deadly disease that kills anyone "over the age of innocence" (aka everyone who's past puberty). The world is made up of nothing but children. Fifteen years later a man named Jeremiah (Luke Perry) meets a man named Kurdy (Malcolm Jamal-Warner), and together they discover the secret community in Thunder Mountain (aka Cheyenne Mountain) run by Markus Alexander (The delicious Peter Stebbings). They then are recruited by Thunder Mountain and explore the outside world.

But all the while Thunder Mountain's fate seems to come closer to entertwining with Valhalla Sector's, a shadowy organization that Jeremiah is curious about because of the secret ties his father had to it. But the more they discover about Valhalla Sector, the more they begin to realize that the organization may be a sinister threat growing closer and closer...

So, that's the summary in a very large nutshell. Jeremiah and Kurdy go out every week and gather info for Thunder Mountain and they have cute little adventures. This community is for discussion and fanfiction concerning the tv show. Slash and gen are both acceptable. Also... ya know, any discussion with Peter Stebbings or pictures or anything will definitely get you brownie points with the list mom, because I am in *love*...

"We gather here today in a common cause, because the desires that unite us are greater than the forces that divide us. We look with awe at the artifacts of the past, believing that we will never again know such greatness. But greatness is only a matter of will. It is the end result of patience, determination, direction and strength. And we who have grown up in the shadow of the Big Death, have those qualities in abundance.

We have made mistakes, but we have learned from them. And what we have learned most, is that we cannot trust our future to those who can only see the past.

Tonight, we stand together, united for the first time. In the coming days, we will carve out the framework for a new country and a new future. Because if we fail to do so, others will do it for us and generations yet unborn, will live to regret our failure."

--Markus Alexander