Jen (jekesta) wrote in valhalla_sector,

Screencaps, season 2

I've put screencaps for season 2 up. Again there are about 200 or so per episode in a rar file on megaupload, and a sample set of 30 for each episode online.

And here are some random screencaps from season 2:

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Wheeeee! Thank you!
You're very welcome:):)
You seem to have episode 5 uploaded twice and are missing 4, Deus Ex Machina.

No wait, instead of ep 6, Mysterious Mister Smith, that's where 4 is!

There seems to be a great deal of confusion. :-(
Oh no! Thanks for letting me know, I'll go and see if I can sort them out.
I think I've put them right now, all the files seemed to be there, I'd just got all my links messed up right down the line. I thought I'd checked them at least twice! Let me know if they're still wrong and I'll try again, megaupload was a bit of a pain uploading them and kept stalling at 60%.
Got them all now, thank you again!!!

Nice selection of caps here - thanks!!!!